Real-time Decision Support System: KNet

• KNet is a process management platform that can be expanded from KPI to RCA, from facility to plant.
• KNet integrates factory management tools which are scattered throughout the plant and it evolves into a knowledge system over time.

Big Data Analysis SW: KNet Analytics

• KNet Analytics is a big data analysis solution that can collect, pre-process, sort and analyze scattered data of process easily and efficiently.
• KNet Analytics makes it easy to solve troubles with data analysis and gives a prediction model to optimize the process. Also, it can be used to analyze alarm data and rationalize alarm system.

KNet – Execution philosophy 

KNet – ERC case

KNet – Smart Equipment Performance Monitoring

KNet – Procedure management

HMI display for procedures – Implemented by APST at ERC:

Procedure management and automation for Initial Start-up, Emergency Shutdown etc.